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[h2]Kayak Tours[/h2]
This company is built on our kayak tours and you’ll see why. With great instruction and locations you will feel safe, comfortable and astounded at the absolute beauty in every direction.
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[h2]SUP Tours[/h2]
These tours include a brief lesson from our instructor in the beginning but are much more focused on covering ground and showing off our beautiful locations and developing skills rather than starting from scratch.
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[h2]Private Bookings[/h2]
Sky is the limit at RideAway. We do birthday parties, family reunions, company team building, book clubs, bachelor and bachelorette parties. You name it we’ll make it an absolute blast.

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[h3 icon=”lightbulb” left=”37″]SPECIAL REQUESTS[/h3]

Let us know if you have any special requests or great ideas, the sky is the limit at RideAway Kayak.


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$65 per person ($30 for rental $35 for tour)
Tours last 2 hours
Kayak owners are always welcome
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Free Kayak Koozie for telling us how you found RideAway
10% off for groups of 4 or more
Kids under 12 are only $55