The Lazy River Nature Tour

Are you more into the relaxed pace of kayaking? We got you covered! A great option for the “take it easy” crowd to get to see amazing wildlife while feeling totally comfortable with the group and their ACA certified guide.

Scorton Creek is a tidal flat that fills and empties twice a day up to 12 feet! So we can use this current just before high tide to get to see breath taking wildlife, crustacean critters, and amazing landscape all while we go with the flow. We are never more than 10 feet from land and the set up allows us to flow in with the current and back with it. This is why the times always change.

Includes: ACA Certified Guide, Kayak Rental, Life Jacket

Upon Request at no Charge: Binoculars, Bird Guide and Access to Guide’s Dry Bag

  • Price

    $85 Private

  • Duration

    2 Hours

  • Dates

    Privately Booked

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Intermediate

  • Location

    449 Route 6A Sandwich, MA