The summer has arrived and it’s time to get out on the water! Each season we get more and more interest for Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs!) so we thought talking SUP would be a good way to start off our summer blogs for those out there who are still a bit unsure about this whole SUP phenomenon.

Sisters Paddle Boarding

Three sisters enjoying a sunset SUP lesson in New Seabury

So what is it exactly? Well, if you cross surfing with kayaking, you get the fastest growing water sport in the world – Stand Up Paddle boarding, or SUPing if you ask the regulars. So why are so many people drawn to SUPing? Well not only is it a ton of fun, it combines a full body workout whilst being able to get out and enjoy the water, whether that be the surf, lake or river. It’s also not an ageist sport and it’s easy to get started, allowing anyone with a moderate fitness level to get out paddling. If you can stand up – you can stand up paddle board! Add to the fact you’re standing upright, it allows a great vantage point where you can see down into the water as well as out to the horizon.

You also don’t need waves to stand up paddle board and calm flat water is usually the best and most enjoyable environment. This is what makes SUPing such a tranquil sport unlike other sports like surfing or skiing where speed and adrenaline are key components. Anyone can get out on the water, get a full body

Gronk gets to grip with SUPing in Popponesset Bay on a RideAway rental

Gronk gets to grip with SUPing in Popponesset Bay on a RideAway rental

workout and enjoy the scenery, alone or in a group, without the restraints other sports are attached too. Plus, all you need is your board, paddle, leash and a PFD (personal floatation device) and you’re good to go. In fact, talking of PFD’s, as a prominent sign that SUPing is here to stay, the US Coast Guard has even classified SUP boards as vessels like kayaks or canoes, meaning paddlers must wear a PFD (except in the surf zones).

Most people can get out there and master the basics fairly quickly too, unlike other sports that can take months or years to feel like you’re a pro. RideAway owner Mike says ‘Focusing on the core is a big factor with the water constantly moving underneath you. Using the arms too much will tire you out in no time so get that core engaged and you’re balance, power and endurance will be way better’.

So come and check out SUPing for yourself at RideAway Kayak & SUP in our Sandwich or New Seabury location. Rentals, tours and lessons provided!

These kids know what SUP

These kids know what SUP

For more info, check out the website or simply give us a call.

Have a great start to the summer and happy SUPing!