RideAway Adventure Project

Have Fun. Connect. Make a Difference


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Step 1: Adventure

True adventure is the driving force of our project. Throughout the season we will have new events to get outside, meet new people and focus on a healthier lifestyle. This is an adventure movement and we want you to be a part of it!

Step 2: Connection

Life is about sharing experiences and accomplishing things together. This movement is about a team. It is about laughing, working together, and not only connecting with each other but re-connecting with yourself through activity, friendship, and nature.

Step 3: Making a Difference

Dude, it’s for the kids! Every cent we make from memberships and fundraising events goes directly to kids in need. Working hand and hand with the For Kid’s Sake Foundation we are able to help children and their families battle against cancer. Not only do we get to raise money for an amazing cause but we get to have an absolute blast doing it! Pub crawls, golf tournaments, beach olympics, volley ball tournaments, volunteer on the water programs, and so much more. Together we can make a huge difference for those that need it the most.