Your Perfect Kayak

 Your Perfect Kayak


Ask yourself these questions;

  • Do I want to ride alone or with someone?
  • How much stability do I want?
  • Do I want to be inside or outside of the kayak?
  • What am I looking to accomplish with my kayak?

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( Your body is not covered by the kayak)

Bic Ouassou

ouassou1 300x102 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 8’6″ Length, Weighs 39 lbs, 242 lbs Max Weight
  • Can fit an Adult and small child
  • Very stable and great for beginners

Bic Bilbao

bk09 bilbao b 3 4 lr 300x95 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 9’10″ Length, Weighs 46 lbs, 264 lbs Max Weight
  • Can fit an Adult and small child
  • Great fishing kayak


Emotion Co-Motion

cored 300x141 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 12′ Length, Weighs 59 lbs, 425 lbs Max Weight
  • Sleek and good tracking

Bic Trinidad

trinidad1 300x110 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 11’9″ Length, Weighs 63 lbs, 440 lbs Max Weight
  • Third seat for small child
  • Plenty of storage space


(Your Legs are inside of the Cockpit of the Kayak)

Emotion Glide

glideblue 300x185 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 9’8″ Length, Weighs 37 lbs, 275 lbs Max Weight
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Great Maneuverability and Tracking

Emotion Edge

edgelime 300x141 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 9’10″ Length, Weighs 39 lbs, 350 lbs Max Weight
  • Large Cockpit for easy entry and exit.
  • Comfort is key

Emotion Comet 110

comet110yellow 300x123 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 11′ Length, Weighs 54 lbs, 350 lbs Max Weight
  • Lots of room for gear
  • This is our party/picnic boat

Emotion Bliss

blissred 300x141 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 10’10″ Length, Weighs 39 lbs, 180 lbs Max Weight
  • Great tracking and very lightweight
  • Great for lighter riders

Emotion Advant-edge

advtangerine 300x119 Your Perfect Kayak

  • 12’9″ Length, Weighs 49 lbs, 325 lbs Max Weight
  • Tours beautifully
  • Plenty of storage space


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