[img align=”left” w=150 h=150]http://www.rideawaykayak.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/DSC_0032.jpg[/img] [h4]”Kayaking Cape Cod” class[/h4]
one of our most popular classes and it allows beginners to be introduced to kayaking in a completely calm and stress free environment.

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[img align=”left” w=150 h=150]http://www.rideawaykayak.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/securedownload-8.jpeg[/img] [h4]Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding[/h4]
RideAway’s instructors have been working on Paddle Boards for years and have learned all the best methods and techniques to introduce you to this great sport.

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[img align=”left” w=150 h=150]http://www.rideawaykayak.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/IMG_1061_2.jpg[/img] [h4]S.U.P Yoga[/h4]
To master the technique of the Stand Up Paddle Boarding balance is key. That is why Yoga acts as such a natural fit, you are immersed in nature and work on balance of the body, soul, and mind.

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[img align=”left” w=150 h=150]http://www.rideawaykayak.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/DSC_0020.jpg[/img] [h4]RIdeAway Kids Camp[/h4]
This five day camp is a great introduction for kids ages 7-13 into the world of Kayaking. It is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about water safety, nature, and what a gift Cape Cod is to us all.

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[h3]We offer private lessons and group lessons.[/h3]
Whether it is our camps, classes, tours, or lessons RideAway Kayak believes that kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are more than just past times. They are a chance for us to become part of our natural surroundings allowing us to see the true beauty of nature and the gifts that we over look on a daily basis. So not only are we teaching the skills and decision making abilities to maintain a safe and effective trip for every Cape waterway, but we are also teaching how to respect these natural gifts that surround us in such a wonderful place.
Our staff is very experienced in the Cape waters and we have been running clinics and classes for three years working with all levels and ages. We provide the utmost detail in our instructional programs and touch on all aspects of the activity whether it is kayaking or stand up paddle boarding.