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[h2]Join the party[/h2]
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water sport in North America and there’s a reason for it. It provides a very unique and subtle workout along with the ability to travel on water with an unparalleled field of vision. It can be a relaxing and calming experience or a heart racing adventure the options are limitless.
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[h2]The lesson[/h2]
Our certified instructors introduce you to the equipment, techniques, strokes, and make sure you are comfortable and confident before we take our practice to the water. This is a beginner level 1 based lesson and we will work on different aspects of paddle boarding to the comfort level of our participants. We keep our workshops small so we can focus individually and get the most productivity for each participant.
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Once you have learned the basic skills of paddle boarding you can continue to improve and grow within your desired level. There are endless races and locations that you can utilize your skills and take advantage of such a unique sport. If you desire a little more in depth lesson let us know and we can gear it towards specific skills.

[info_box] Location: TBD
Level: Beginner
Schedule: TBD
Cost:$75 per lesson [/info_box]