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[h2]Feel The Burn[/h2]
Stand Up Paddle boarding by itself is a work out that develops your balance, leg, core, and upper body muscles. This class highlights the areas that are already in play while paddle boarding. The instruction is clear and focused and will definitely have each participant highly energized and excited for the next class.
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[h2]The workout[/h2]
The class involves a few separate methods of training. We utilize interval training with short burst paddles at a high rate to develop endurance and lung function. To develop muscle and tone we do simple building methods such as sit ups and pushups. To encourage balance and safety we begin and end with specific stretching exercises.
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[h2]The Rewards[/h2]
A healthy person is a happy person and our goal at RideAway Kayak & SUP is to get people out on the water, healthy, and to see the absolute beauty that surrounds us here on Cape Cod and this class allows us to do all three. It is a fun and exciting experience and allows you to improve your physical fitness, balance, endurance, and your paddling skills. Give it a shot and see how much fun a boot camp can be.

[info_box] Location: New Seabury Marina in Mashpee or Hoxie Pond in Sandwich
Level: Ready to work
Schedule: 9AM-10:30AM Saturday or 5:30PM-7:00PM Thursday
Cost:$50 per class or $150 for 4 classes [/info_box]