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Our experienced yoga instructors from The Dharma Connection allow you to get out on the water and enjoy a whole new yoga experience. Their professionalism and certified instructors can’t be matched.
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[h2]The experience[/h2]
It is a beginner based yoga class and involves a slow introduction into some basic poses. The introduction of the paddle board incorporates balance and an environmental connection that you just can’t experience anywhere else. A quick intro the the equipment and the class will have you confident and excited to get started.
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[h2]The Rewards[/h2]
There is no better way to experience your environment or start a day than being physically and mentally active. This class allows you to utilize the benefits of Yoga while enjoying Cape Cod’s unmatched beauty and a wonderful summer day.

[info_box] Location: New Seabury Marina in Mashpee or Hoxie Pond in Sandwich
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Cost:$45 per class or $120 for 3 classes
New Seabury Schedule: Wednesday – 10:00am
Sandwich Schedule: Monday – 5:30pm, Saturday – 10:00am [/info_box]