Kayaking versus SUPing
Our last blog we talked about SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding). However, we’re called Rideway
Kayak & SUP for a reason and one of the most common questions we get is; ‘Should we Kayak or
should we Paddleboard? What’s the difference?’. Well, the answer is – it depends what you’re
looking for and….quite a lot! This brought the idea for our second blog post of the summer. The age
old debate every paddle sport enthusiast wants settling – Kayaking or SUPing?! Lets break it down.

Reasons to SUP
Vanatge Point
In a kayak, you sit. On a paddle board, you stand! The difference in perspective changes so much
from the higher position and all of sudden those stripers or blue fish swimming around in Scorton
Creek or Poppenessett Bay are there in full view. We can all enjoy the same scenery in a kayak of
course, but the glare from the water is increased from the lower position in the kayak making it
difficult to really see down into the water.

Full Body Workout

Kayaking is a great workout for the arms, shoulders and back but on a SUP – it’s everything; a full
body workout from the feet, legs, upper body, obliques & core – the whole musculature system. It
also has many benefits in improving balance and many yoga enthusiasts enjoy ‘SUP Yoga’. Want to
do a downward facing dog out on the water? Done.


As well as improving your body flexibility, i’m talking about the over all increased options provided
by a board. It’s really easy to get going, especially on your own. With a handle in the middle and

super light, it’s not a problem to carry to and from the water and can be strapped to a top of a car (or
even in a car!) fairly easily. Some kayaks are a bit more cumbersome, especially the longer kayaks
which carry some extra weight. It’s also much easier to get back on a board if you take a swim!

Reasons to Kayak
Distance, Speed & Chop
If you are planning a long distance paddle then a kayak is much better suited and will complete that
trip much quicker than a paddle board. Having a double bladed paddle allows for a much higher
stroke rate as well as power. It can be argued that it’s more comfortable in a kayak over large
distance too due to the paddler being sat down as opposed to standing up. Once a bit of wind or
adverse water conditions get involved too, the kayak will handle them much better than a paddle


If taking a plunge into the water is a real concern and want to stay dry; a kayak should be the boat
of choice. Especially on the waters of cape cod, it’s fairly difficult to tip a kayak and requires much
less balance.
Carrying Gear
We love a good paddle and picnic at RideAway and for these days, we’ll be taking a kayak. With dry
storage space and hatches it’s much easier to throw in the daily supplies for the day than on a paddle
board. Some of our tandems even have space to throw a cooler on the back. Our longer sea kayaks
have even been used for multi day paddles out to Washburn Island with tents and all!
So, to summarise – which is better? Is it even a debate? The answer is quite simply personal
preference. I personally love both and plan to paddle both formats a lot this summer. Come decide
for yourselves at our RideAway locations in Sandwich or New Seabury and get yourselves out
kayaking and SUPing!

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