We all have that person that makes those Cape Cod winter days a little brighter, helps us break out of our comfort zones, and adds a little adventure to our beach community. That same wonderful person is an absolute nightmare to buy gifts for and I’m here to help.

The “Get me outside RIGHT NOW!” adventurer gift

We bring the adventure to you (it’s our tagline…NBD) 

The shaking, moving, and grooving type of adventurer. They just need the wind in their hair and the nature in their bones! RideAway Adventures has you covered with bikes, paddle boards, and kayaks to get these guys their fix.

  • Bike, Kayak and Paddle Board Tours and RentalsOh yeah we got em and we get awarded for em. 
    • Four years in a row voted “best of Cape Cod” by Cape Cod Life. We have one of the Cape’s only fully certified guide staff and we keep our tours small so we actually get to hang out with our on the water companions. Give a gift certificate and make life easy, they can even rent if they want to. It’s this seasons “it” gift according to Pattie Morrison. 
  • Kids Camps – Perfect for our little adventurers.
    • We nailed this program and not to over state it or toot our own horn but it will make them better people in the long run. It is education, conservation, and life lessons all rolled into a week of on the water fun! Check it out.

The “day at the beach” adventurer gift

It’s all about the beach games and activities!

If you don’t have a beach adventurer in your crew, you’re doing something wrong! Cape Cod boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world ranging from Sandy Neck beach in Barnstable all the way to Race Point beach in Provincetown. They might not be the most extreme thrill seekers but they love a an entertaining day at the beach and here is what they want. 

  • CornholeYou know it and you love it.
    • We always recommend Cape Cod Cornhole for any of your cornhole needs. They do a great job with custom or classic Cape Cod boards. Tell Chad we sent you!
  • Polish HorseshoesCheap, fun, and you get to throw a frisbee. 
    • This is a custom job. All you need are two poles, a frisbee, and some plastic bottles (do not use glass!). I like to utilize my ski poles personally but give it your own creative flare and your adventurer will truly appreciate it. Here is some DIY instructions to get you started
  • Can Jam – Simple, easy, and yep….you get to throw a frisbee. 
    • This is a nice and easy buy and give situation. There are a million options but just go online order that baby up and have it in your driveway in two days. Here is one option to get you started.
  • Catch phrase – Call me crazy, I freaking love it.
    • The classic beach game for those adventures that don’t want to get out of their chairs but want to feel that rush of anxiety as it makes its way over to them hot potato style. You might get that sideways stare “cool…thanks” response but I promise they’ll dig it in the long run. It is very durable and a beach ready option. Check it out!
  • Paddle Boards, Kayaks, and Beach Bikes – These things are absurdly expensive to buy so just give them a gift certificate and rent these bad boys for the day!

The “Social Butterfly” adventurer gift

We smell a great gift brewing!

Willing to put themselves out there in the peak season and in the off season and the whole while bringing you along for their social adventuring escapades. We got your solution right here. The Cape has become quite a little brewing hot spot and this is what you need to GET THE PEOPLE GOING! Get a gift certificate for one, two, or all of them and make a day of brew hopping the hit of Christmas. 

Hopefully this helps you get the perfect gift for your Adventurer and maybe even get your blood flowing a little bit too!