Kayaking the Cape

 Kayaking the Cape
Kayaking is a universal sport. It is not strictly for any one type of person, it is something that can be enjoyed by the Ultra Athlete to the Couch potato, the grand kids to the grand parents, the lightweights to the heavyweights, you get the picture EVERYONE can partake in this wonderful sport and we love showing the techniques, skills, and tips that will allow anyone and everyone to fully enjoy their experience on the water. These lessons cover a variety of topics for the beginner kayaker. We focus on kayaking Cape Cod water ways (we will not go over flipping or white water tacticss)


Becoming familiar with your kayak

  • Safety Topics
  • Introduction to the different equipment
  • What their specific purpose will be
  • Dry Land Demonstration
  • Questions and Concerns

Getting into the Kayak and Launching

  • Entry Methods
  • Balance approach
  • Launching methods

Keys to kayaking

  • Stability
  • Form
  • Confidence

Finishing Touches

  • Decision making
  • advanced demonstrations
  • Final Questions and Concerns


  • Your official entry into the world of Kayaking

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