RIDEAWAY’s End of Season Board Sale 2017

 Packages include adjustable paddle, deck bungee, ankle leash and fin set up. A $250 Value!!

Ace Tec Line – All boards lightly used – Cost $580-$800

The Ace Tec line is very light and a higher end option for the recreational stand up paddle boarder

11.6 Ace Tec- Weighs 30lbs and Holds up to 240lbs (Red/White) – $800  

10.6 Ace Tec- Weighs 26lbs and Holds up to 200lbs (White and Blue/White and Pink) – $780 

9.6 Ace Tec- Weighs 23lbs and Holds up to 165lbs (White and Pink) – $580 (3 Available)








Surf Tech Line – All boards lightly used – Cost $720-$800

SurfTech Blacktip

SurfTech Blacktip line is lightweight and is great for beginners with its thicker build it allows for maximum stability. 

11.6 SurfTech Blacktop – $800 (Sold Out)

10.6 SurfTech Blacktop – $780 (2 Available)

9.6 SurfTech Blacktop – $720 Great kid’s board


Dura Tec Line – All boards lightly used – Cost $450

The Dura Tec line is very durable and a great introductory option for families looking to get involved in stand up paddle boarding

11.4 Dura Tec – Weighs 41lbs and Holds up to 210lbs SOLD OUTDura-Tec Line

10.4 Dura Tec – Weighs 35lbs and Holds up to 185lbs SOLD OUT

9.10 Dura Tec – Weighs 38lbs and Holds up to 200lbs (3 Available)

9.4 Dura Tec – Weighs 30lbs and Holds up to 135lbs (3 Available)





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