Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Here is your chance to get involved in one of the fastest growing water activities in the world. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a new fresh way to enjoy all the waters of the cape. The benefits of getting involved in SUPing are endless. If you are hesitant because you think it would be too difficult, that is totally false. Just like any other activity you have to work at it to improve and that is why we are here to teach and help.


  • Gain Muscle in your upper body and legs
  • The core workout for your back and abdominal muscles is unmatched
  • It continuously tests your balance and posture
  • These are just to name a few

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has been a major part of RideAway for the last three seasons. We’ve worked hard to find the best boards to fit our customers and the best teaching methods to get you out on the water enjoying a totally different experience. We offer fantastic lessons, great outings, the best equipment, and cheap rental rates. RideAway also offers the extremely unique experience of Stand Up Paddle Yoga.

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