RideAway isn’t just a company, it is a concept. We are a network of people looking to make a difference in our community, on the cape, and in the world! We do this through education, social responsibility and HARD WORK. 

 The Company

This concept became a reality on July 16, 2008 when we first opened our doors and delivered our first kayak. Since that day we have been able to get thousands of people educated about our unique Cape ecosystem by getting them out on the water and experiencing it first hand. These customers have gone on to assist us in our conservation efforts, and more than that, they have become part of our RideAway network, our friends. Thanks to them and the cooperation of so many local organizations like the Audubon Society, town recreation departments, town conservation departments and so many more we are making a difference and providing the best on the water experience for our customers. 

The Adventure Camps

A huge part of the RideAway concept is the education of the younger generations. Since 2010 we have been running camps to teach kids the benefits of being outside and active. We have also shown them what a fragile and amazing place Cape Cod is and the protection it deserves. These kids will be our best hope for keeping the Cape thriving and we hope these camps give them the confidence and tools to educate others and take pride in this beautiful area. 



Team RideAway

Our fundraising efforts are what set us apart from other companies. We pride ourselves in giving back and making a difference in kid’s lives that need a helping hand. Along with the For Kids’ Sake Foundation we put on events to raise money to assist children who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families to afford treatment. Team RideAway is made up of the most amazing people in the world and we are so privileged to have all of these people working so hard to make a difference. We are always looking for people to help and if you are interested in joining please email mike@rideawaykayak.com to get more information. 


See more about Team RideAway by clicking here 

RideAway is not just a company it is a way to help save the environment, create an informed next generation, and assist children that need a helping hand.